Colour, Shape and Extras

These 3 characteristics will allow you to change the appearance of your oak beam.

There are 5 coloured waxes and a natural oil to choose from to change the colour of your beam.

In addition to these, you have the option to alter the edges of your beam to create shape and effects.

Finally, we are offering up to 2 free services:

  1. Brushing to create texture
  2. Flaming to create an aged effect

Mix & Match

Use the below images to decide how you would like your oak fireplace beam to look.

pegged oak fireplace beam


The 6 colours below have been shown on the same piece of oak to ensure consistency.

The Gallery also offers images and the colours the oak beam has been finished with.

natural waxed oak fireplace beam

Natural Wax

A clear wax finish that enhances the
natural colour of the oak.

antique waxed oak fireplace beam

Antique Wax

A golden and more mellow colour that
slightly darkens the natural oak.

traditional waxed oak fireplace beam

Traditional Wax

A middle ground oak colour offering warmth
and depth to the oak beam.

farmhouse waxed oak fireplace beam

Farmhouse Wax

A nutty and darker appearance for those
wanting more a deeper colour.

jacobean waxed oak fireplace beam

Jacobean Wax

More blacks and much darker tones are
shown in the Jacobean finish.

oiled oak fireplace beam

Oiled Finish

An enhanced, golden and matt appearance
is generated using oil.


The shaping of your oak beam is created along the bottom edge.

All other edges, apart from PSE (Planed, Square-Edged) have a softened edge.

The shaping is created by hand and therefore no 2 pieces are the same.

For your reference, the Gallery will show the shape and colour of each beam


A Planed, Square Edge is
created on all visible edges.


This is a slightly rounded edge and
appears on all edges of the beam.


A light undulation is created along
the bottom edge of the beam.


More character and shape is applied
to the bottom edge of the beam.

flamed oak beam A
Medium Shaped Oak Beam


There are 2 processes we can include free of charge to enhance your oak fireplace beam.

Should you wish to have either or both of these extras, please ensure you tick the relevant box(es) on the order form.


The brushed effect creates a textured finish.

The grain is lifted and will slightly loose the smooth sanded appearance.

brushed oak beam
brushed oak mantle beam


The flaming effect creates an aged finish.

This procedure also darkens the oak and therefore also darkens any coloured waxes shown.

flamed oak beam anad mantle
flamed oak beam A