Sizes & Dimensions


Your oak fireplace beam or mantle can be, within reason, any size you wish.

We manufacture using the best seasoned, air-dried oak available.

The smallest size would be 100mm x 70mm and the largest 190mm x 190mm.

Should you wish to have an oak beam outside these dimensions, please see and contact them directly.


This beam is 1700mm LONG x 190mm HIGH x 190mm DEEP


To keep things simple, we only use the following terms:

LENGTH – The distance from left to right

HEIGHT or HIGH – The distance from top to bottom

DEPTH or DEEP – The distance from front to back

We tend NOT to use terms such as WIDTH, TALL, WIDE or THICK as these can be confusing and sometimes have more than one interpretation.

Sizing Options

This website allows you to choose and order any sized beam up to 2000mm in length, 190mm in height and 190mm in depth.

Length of Oak Beam

Any size from 500mm to 2000mm in 10mm increments

Height of Oak Beam

Any size from 70mm to 190mm

Depth of Oak Beam

Any size from 70mm to 190mm